"IsraFish" - The First Israeli Carp Fishing Association

Dear visitor! Welcome to the first official Carp Fishing site in Israel!

We are registered organization since August 2004. Our major goals written in a regulations are:

1. Ecological Development - protecting of water sources
2. Education and trainings related to the fishing and nature protection
3. Promotion of the sport fishing as a part of ecological structure

Our club is non-profit organization that relies on member contributions and that strives to play a role in the community as well.  The club is a member in F.I.P.S.e.d. and ICFA.

We have started several angling activities in schools for unmanageable children, and have organized several short carp tournaments and big championships.

Here you may find the short report from the first sport carp fishing championship in Israelís history!

Here you may find the report from the Second International Carp Championship "Carp Of Galilee 2009"!

During 6 years me and my friends assume attempts to join together all Israeli anglers that are interested in a sport fishing and I think this goal was achieved successfully.

More then 3000 angler now registered on our Internet forum and also we've opened first Israeli fishing club for fresh water anglers (Amuta IsraFish).
Despite of youth of our Club we already carried through a lot of different projects:

Since we are really very busy people we do not have enough time to support this site in several languages. Therefore currently it is available in Russian only.

But we are working to change this situation! And we will be glad to answer to all your questions! Just drop us an e-mail to israfish@gmail.com! Also you can contact us on phone (in Israel):

Andrey Mazlin: +972-(0)54-5-604822
Fax: +972-(0)4-8500058 (for Andrey)

Sincerely Yours,

Andrey Mazlin